24 port cisco switch – available in South Africa
When buying a 24 port cisco switch speak to Acumen Technologies in South Africa.
With 20 years experience in the IT Industry we have a wide array of Cisco Switches available to suit your requirements. With so many models to chose from we are able to assist you with any Cisco part number you are looking for . Cisco are world leaders in Networking switches. Their product range is backed by solid support and Cisco has become a leader in networking switches globally.
So why is Cisco equipment so good?
See what people are saying:

  1. Cisco equipment is exceptionally well documented, they standardise on this, further Cisco have very highly  experienced technicians oncall when you need them.
  2. The cost of Cisco switches may be high, but my experience with Cisco products has been exceptional, which means I wont move to another brand easily.
  3. Cisco have awesome support options and if you require assistance , they are very efficient.
  4. You may get cheaper alternative brands, but if you don’t want valuable down time, and you need a flexible support plan to suit you, then Cisco is the brand for you.
  5. We have procured and utilised more than 20 Cisco devices in our network and I must conclude that Cisco switches are “ Indestructable”
  6. We manage  a call center and use an array of various routers to switch our analog dialer to MGCP and have experienced no problems.  Setting up can be challenging to begin with,but if you devote appropriate time aside and you want to make use  of equipment that is adaptable to your requirements and consistent then Cisco is the best choice.  We have spent more on  Cisco equipment than any other brand and when it comes down to after sales technical support I have always had a good experience with Cisco, whether its setting up new equipment or a refreshing of a system flash, Ciscos well trained technical staff are exceptional  and they always do their best to assist us understand what went wrong so we can prevent that from happening in future.
  7. I refuse to use anything but Cisco switches. I understand Ciscos pricing is not the cheapest, but I have to agree that you cannot get better than Cisco. When it comes to a world standard in 24 port switching, the 24 port cisco switch is our first port of call in our environment . In fact All their products are solid, and easy to use.
  8. I purchased an onsite service contract with my switch and when I have an issue (like I did a while back) a Cisco ” technician” arrived with a new pre-configured swopout. Thats fantastic service

24 port cisco switch

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