What Is Fortinet?

Fortinet is currently the highest performing cybersecurity platform. Fortinet Security is a world wide cybersecurity platform that many large enterprises, service providers and government organizations from around the world are using and trust. Fortinet was founded in 2000 and has their headquarters in Sunnyvale California.

Fortinet Security

Why do you need Fortinet?

Everything is becoming digitalized and moving to the internet to make running a company or doing anything a lot easier and sufficient, but this of course comes with risk from attack from both within and without. since everything is moving online anybody can access it if they know how. Fortinet Security can protect you no matter where the attack is from, and they use machine learning AI to be able to react to new unforeseen threats. Fortinet can protect you from attacks coming from outside your network as well as from within your network.

What options does Fortinet Provide?

The Fortinet security fabric provides three key attributes which is Broad, Integrated and Automated.

The broad portfolio enables coordinated threat detection and policy enforcement across the entire digital attack surface and lifecycle with converged networking and security across edges, clouds, endpoints, and users.

Integrated and unified security, operations, and performance across different technologies, locations, and deployments enables complete visibility. It also tightens security of all form factors including hardware appliances, virtual machines, cloud-delivered, and X-as-a-Service. Fabric-ready Partner products are included in the Fabric ecosystem.

Automated portfolio is a context aware, self-healing network and security posture leverages cloud-scale and advanced AI to automatically deliver near-real-time, user-to-application coordinated protection across the Fabric.


The Fortinet security fabric has one operating system which supports the following deployment models: physical, virtual, cloud, and X-as-a-Service. The key pillars of the Fortinet security fabric is as follows:


Security Driven networking

This converges networking and security into a single integrated system that can expand to any edge.

Zero Trust Access

Fortinet constantly watches everyone and everything happening in the network and treats everything as a potential threat to ensure 100% safety for your network.

Adaptive Cloud

Fortinet allows security across all your cloud services.

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