Acronis backup software for Windows server is a world leader in backup software solutions.
When your Windows server goes down, avoid expensive downtime and get back up and running in minutes.
Acronis backup software for Windows Server
Recovering a server can take significant time and expertise, leaving your business vulnerable. Protect your entire Windows server environment with Acronis Backup, your one-stop solution for comprehensive backups and fast, flexible recovery.

  • Patented, block-level disk imaging captures your entire Windows server in one easy step
  • Bare-metal recovery ensures that you are back up and running in minutes, not hours
  • Recover individual files, application data, or a complete system with a few simple clicks
  • Save on time and storage with incremental backups, compression, and deduplication

Not an IT expert?  Acronis Backup for Windows Server was designed to make backup and recovery exceptionally easy:

  • Installation and configuration procedures require almost zero learning curve
  • Smart backups remove the guesswork by capturing everything required for complete recovery
  • Restore a server to new, different hardware without worrying about incompatibilities
  • Migrate physical systems to virtual servers without the usual complexities

Acronis Backup for Windows Server

Complete backup and recovery for individual Windows servers

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