Get your Acronis Backup for Windows Essentials from Acumen Technologies
Acronis Backup for Windows Server Essentials

Avoid Windows Server Essentials Downtime

When your Windows Server Essentials encounters issues, avoid downtime and get back to work in minutes!
Critical business functions need your Windows Server Essentials environment to run smoothly at all times. Protect your entire small business server with Acronis Backup, the fastest, most comprehensive solution for safeguarding not only your server, but all database and application data included in your configuration.

  • Protect entire server with patented, block-level disk imaging that captures all server, database, and application data in one easy step
  • Recover individual files, application data, or your entire system with a few simple clicks
  • Recover easily and quickly with catalog of your SQL, SharePoint, and Active Directory database backups
  • Browse and restore specific SharePoint data instantly — from entire sites to individual documents
  • Browse and restore specific Exchange data instantly — from entire mailboxes to individual emails
  • Get maximum recovery flexibility with near-continuous data protection of Microsoft Exchange Server

Easy Backup for Windows Server Essentials

Not an IT expert? Acronis Backup for Windows Server Essentials is designed to make backup and recovery exceptionally easy:

  • Start protecting quickly with installation and configuration procedures that require near zero learning curve
  • Eliminate guesswork with smart backups that capture everything required for complete recovery
  • Restore a server to new, different hardware reliably without worrying about incompatibilities
  • Migrate your entire system to a virtual machine without the usual complexities
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