Adobe Acrobat Pro

The ROI of all-in-one

The new version of Adobe Acrobat Pro With built-in e-signature capabilities, Adobe Acrobat Pro delivers business
value while digitizing your organization’s document workflows.

Modern teams are busy, siloed, and increasingly remote. Existing tech stacks aren’t supporting today’s hybrid environment. Teams are juggling too many tools trying to manage their digital documents—and they’re underwhelmed by the ones they’ve got. Yet IT and business leaders know how critical it is to improve the digital document experience, as documents remain the backbone of every business.

A telling gap.

Among recently interviewed business decision-makers:

  1. 69% consider improving and streamlining digital document, processes beyond just signed agreements critical or very important
  2. Yet only, 47% are currently satisfied with their digital document processes.

A sign of success.

Teams managing their e-signatures within Adobe Document Cloud, which includes Adobe Acrobat and Acrobat Sign,
have been shown to secure major gains:

  1. 30% Increased transaction speed
  2. US$21.50 Savings per transaction
  3. 300,000+ Manual hours eliminated
  4. US$7.1 million Sustainability cost saving
  5. 5x ROI 519% overall return on investment

A single, smart investment.

Acrobat Pro is an integrated, all-in-one PDF and e-signature solution—
enabling your team to create, edit, organize, convert, redact, and sign PDFs
from any device, anywhere, anytime.

Made by the inventors of PDF, Acrobat Pro helps grow your modern business by
streamlining employee workflows and customer interactions. With intuitive PDF
and e-signature capabilities in a single application, you can operate easily in the
flow of work with one solution from a trusted global brand. Work more securely
and simply with Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Feel the flow of work.

48% Efficiency gained when e-signature and
document processes are connected to tools
that people use every day, such as Microsoft
365, Microsoft Teams, and many others.

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