Airtame make a fantastic wireless presentation system in the form of an HDMI dongle that will plug into any HDMI port, either on your laptop, projector or TV Screen.Boardroom, classroom and presentation rooms have never been easier to setup with Airtame wireless technology.

Skip the hassle of cables and the wasted time connecting to screens. With Airtame plugged into a screen, everyone can connect wirelessly using just an application .

Wireless Presentation Sytem

When you walk into a meeting, you shouldn’t have to worry whether your wireless presentation system will work or not. That’s why we designed Airtame to work across different platforms, so anyone can walk into your meeting room and connect without thinking twice.
For classrooms and educational institutes:

Engage students with an easy to use tool for sharing a computer screen to a TV or projector. Once Airtame is installed, connecting your computer to your screen is as simple as connecting to a WiFi network: Just select the name of your Airtame device from the list of available devices in the Airtame app and click to connect. Your lessons instantly become more interactive when teachers and students can share their projects and ideas with the whole class.

Stream your presentation wirelessly with no cables needed

Stream your presentation wirelessly with no cables needed

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