Cisco Optical Transceivers

Cisco Optical Transceivers are available from Acumen Technologies.

We supply a broad range of part numbers

cisco optical transceivers

DWDM (Dense Wavelength division multiplexing)


sfp 10g sr

sfp 10g lr

sfp 10g sr s

cvr qsfp sfp10g

cisco sfp

cisco sfp 10g sr

sfp 10g lr s

sfp to rj45

qsfp 40g sr bd

sfp h10gb cu3m

sfp 10g

qsfp 40 100 srbd

sfp h10gb cu1m

qsfp 40g sr4

cisco sfp 10g lr

ma sfp 1gb sx

ma sfp 10gb sr

sfp 10 25g csr s

sfp 25g sr s

sfp sx

1000base sx sfp

sfp 10g er

sfp 10g t

sfp ge t

sfp lx

sfp sr

sfp lr

cisco sfp 10g sr s

ds sfp fc16g sw

sfp t

1000base t sfp

sfp 10gbase sr

qsfp 40g lr4

1000base lx sfp

gbic cisco

ds sfp fc8g sw

sfp 10gb

qsfp 40g sr4 s

meraki sfp

ma sfp 1gb lx10

qsfp 100g

sfp ge l

qsfp 40g lr4 s

1g sfp

qsfp 4x10g lr s

xfp 10g mm sr

xfp 10glr oc192sr

qsfp 40g

qsfp 100g sm sr

sfp h10gb cu2m

sfp 10g zr

sfp 10 25g lr s

qsfp 100g sr4

cisco 10g sfp+

cisco single mode sfp

cisco sfp 10g lr s

sfp ge s

cisco sfp 10g

ds sfp fc32g sw

qsfp 40g csr4

cisco sfp+

qsfp 40g csr s

cisco qsfp

qsfp 100g lr4

qsfp h40g cu3m

qsfp 100g cu1m

ma sfp 10gb lr

glc te sfp

sfp h10gb acu7m

qsfp h40g cu1m

sfp 10gbase lr

sfp 10gbase cx1

glc t sfp

cisco 1g sfp

qsfp 100g dr s

cvr x2 sfp

sfp 25g

qsfp 100g er4l s

cisco qsfp 40g sr bd

1000base lx lh sfp

qsfp 100g cu3m

sfp 10g aoc3m

sfp+ 10g lr

cisco qsfp 40 100 srbd

sr sfp

cisco 10g copper sfp

sfp 10g aoc10m

sfp glc lh smd

cisco sfp 25g sr s

sfp+ 10g sr

sfp 10g sr price

cisco 1000base sx sfp

cisco sfp h10gb cu1m

sfp glc te

sfp 10g er s

electrical sfp

sfp 10g sr x

cisco copper sfp

CWDM, DWDM and EWDM – Additional items

WDM-1300-1550-S 1300nm/1550nm WDM Splitter Cable
WDM-SFP-2CH-CONV 2-Channel WDM SFP-Based Transponder
CWDM-MUX-4-SF1 Single Fiber 4-Channel MUX/DEMUX
CWDM-MUX-4-SF2 Single Fiber 4-Channel MUX/DEMUX
EWDM-MUX8 8-Channels EWDM MUX/DEMUX Module
CWDM-OADM1-1470 Dual Single Channel OADM Module (1470nm)
CWDM-OADM1-1490 Dual Single Channel OADM Module (1490nm)
CWDM-OADM1-1510 Dual Single Channel OADM Module (1510nm)
CWDM-OADM1-1530 Dual Single Channel OADM Module (1530nm)
CWDM-OADM1-1550 Dual Single Channel OADM Module (1550nm)
CWDM-OADM1-1570 Dual Single Channel OADM Module (1570nm)
CWDM-OADM1-1590 Dual Single Channel OADM Module (1590nm)
CWDM-OADM1-1610 Dual Single Channel OADM Module (1610nm)
CWDM-OADM4-1 4-Channels CWDM OADM Module (1470, 1490, 1510, 1530)
CWDM-OADM4-2 4-Channels CWDM OADM Module (1550, 1570, 1590, 16100)
EWDM-OADM4 4-Channels EWDM OADM Module
EWDM-OADM2 2-Channels EWDM OADM Module
EWDM-OA EWDM Optical Amplifier


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