Acumen specialises in the worldwide sales of compatible fibre optic transceivers including, CWDM’s, DWDM’s, GBIC’s, SFP’s, SFP+’s, X2’s, XENPAK’s and XFP’s for use in datacom, telecom and CATV industries. We are in partnership with an industry leading ISO compliant manufacturer located in China which has been established since 2005.
SFP+ from Gigaoptix
We are at the forefront of new designs and technology, meaning our compatible fibre optic transceivers are of a superior quality leading to excellent performance yet still available at unbeatable prices. We are proud of our product quality and services and to reinforce this, GigaOptiX Ltd products are offered with a three year advanced replacement warranty on our whole compatible fibre optic transceiver range. We also provide full support documentation and are fully compliant adhering to recognised industry standards, ISO9001, FCC, CE, ISO14001, ROHS and SFP

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