Converting pdf word has never been easier with Able2Extract Professional.

Accurate and Fast
PDF to Word Converter

Able2Extract Professional is a secure, enterprise-grade PDF converter that allows you to quickly:

  • Convert PDF to DOC, DOCX accurately
  • Adjust PDF to Word conversion output
  • Convert multiple PDFs in one go
  • Convert scanned PDFs to Word
  • Retain layout and formatting

Benefits of converting PDF to Word with Able2Extract Professional

Most accurate PDF to DOC, DOCX

Convert PDF into fully-formatted Word documents that look just like the original PDF

Convert any PDF to Word

Extract content from scanned PDF. Waste no more time on retyping!

The safest way to convert PDFs

Perform PDF conversions from your desktop, without uploading your files to the Internet.

Edit PDF without conversion

Modify your PDFs directly in Able2Extract. All changes are instantly visible.

Cross-platform solution

Able2Extract Professional works on Windows, macOS and Linux powered machines.

Bonus: Free PDF Reader

Keep using Able2Extract’s lightweight PDF viewer even when your trial expires.

How to convert PDF to Word

For converting PDF to Word with Able2Extract follow the steps below:

  1. Open a PDF file in Able2Extract Professional.
  2. Select what to convert: All or Area (part of the PDF).
  3. Click on the Word icon.
  4. Save the converted document by clicking on the Save button.


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