LTO        LTO-6 Tape-IBM-Certified Error Free       IBM        00V7590

                LTO-5 Tape-Fuji-Certified Error Free        Fuji         16008030

                LTO-5 Tape-HP-Certified Error Free         HP          C7975A

                LTO-5 Tape-IBM-Certified Error Free       IBM        46X1290

                LTO-5 Tape-Quantum-Certified Error Free            Quantum            00V7590

                LTO-4 Tape-Dell-New 800/1600GB           Dell        00V7590 – New

                LTO-4 Tape-Dell Certified Error Free        Dell        YN156

                LTO-4 Tape-Fuji-Certified Error Free        Fuji         26247007

                LTO-4 Tape-HP-Certified Error Free         HP          C7974A

                LTO-4 Tape-IBM-Certified Error Free       IBM        95P4436

                LTO-4 Tape-Imation-Certified Error Free               Imation 26592

                LTO-4 Tape-Maxell-Certified Error Free Maxell  183906

                LTO-4 Tape-Quantum-Certified Error Free            Quantum             MRL4MQN-01

                LTO-4 Tape-Sony-Certified Error Free     Sony      LTX800G

                LTO-4 Tape-Sun-Certified Error Free       Sun        003-4391-01

                LTO-4 Tape-TDK-Certified Error Free       TDK        D2407-LTO4AX

                LTO 1- 3 Certified Error Free        CALL      Most All Brands

DAT / DDS           DAT320 DDS-7 Tape-Sony-New 153m 160/320G Sony      DGDAT320 – New

                DAT160 DDS-6 Tape-HP-New 155M 80/160GB     HP          C8011A – New

                DAT160 DDS-6 Tape-IBM-New 155M 80/160GB  IBM        23R5635 – New

                4mm DAT72 Tape-HP-New 170M 36/72GB           HP          C8010A – New

Enterprise           3592-JA Tape-IBM-Certified Error Free   IBM        18P7534

                3592-JA Tape-Fuji-New 300/500/640GB Fuji         15528423 – New

                3592-JA Tape-Fuji-Certified Error Free    Fuji         15528423

                3592-JB Tape-IBM-Certified Error Free   IBM        23R9830

                3592-JC Tape-IBM-Certified Error Free   IBM        46X7452

                3592-JC Tape-IBM-New 4/7TB    IBM        46X7452 – New

                3592-JJ Tape-IBM-Certified Error Free    IBM        24R0316

                3592-JJ Tape-IBM-New Econ 60GB           IBM        24R0316 – New

                3590E-K Tape-IBM-Certified Error Free  IBM        05H3188

                3590E-K Tape-Imation-Certified Error Free           Imation 40852

                3590-J Tape-IBM-Certified Error Free      IBM        05H4434

                3590-J Tape-Imation-Certified Error Free              Imation 43832

                3590-J New Imation Brand Magnetic Media         Imation 43832 – New

                9840 Tape Cartridge 20/40/75GB               Imation 91270 – New

                9940 Tape-Imation-Certified Error Free  Imation 41333

                T10K T1 Tape-Oracle-Certified Error Free              Oracle   003-0519-01

                T10K S Tape-Oracle-Certified Error Free Oracle   003-0520-01

                T10K T2 Tape-Oracle-Certified Error Free              Oracle   003-5366-01

                Many other tapes and formats are available        CALL

Cleaning Cartridges – New            LTO Cleaning Cartridge Universal              CALL      Most All Brands

                3592 Cleaning Cartridge-New-IBM Brand              IBM        18P7535 – New

                3590 Cleaning Cartridge 100 uses IBM 05H4435 & Imation 43838 – NEW

                3480 / 3490E Cleaning Cartridge IBM 4780527 & Imation 43112 – NEW

                3570 Universal Cleaning Cartridge New  IBM        05H2463 – New

                9840 D Cleaning Cartridge with “Y” ID      Sun        003-4820-01 – New

                9840 A/B/C Cleaning Cartridge with “U” Imation 90676 – New

                DAT160 DDS-6 Cleaning Cartridge – New                IBM        23R5638 – New

                8mm Cleaning Cartridge Maxell New      Maxell  HS-8/CL – New

                4mm Cleaning Cartridge – New  CALL      Most All Brands

                DLT Cleaning Cartridge Universal               Fuji         26112090 – New


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