Online privacy and Insider threats remain the most pervasive cyber dangers for individuals and organisations. Whether you are using using traditional desktops/laptops and or mobile devices and connecting to secured or unsecured data networks it is critical that you Defend Your Cyber Space .
To prevent, secure and defend cyber space, Acumen Technologies will provide you with cyber defense technology that prevents sensitive information from leaving your device.
Blackfog stops malware such as ransomware from executing inappropriate data theft. Blackfog stops nuisance advertising while using the internet and it reduces your exposure to fake news and much more.
For less than R40 a per month per device, we are offering you a safer cyber space to generate, share and store information.
Data Protection In South Africa is paramount to your business growth. Defend Your Cyber Space intelligently with Blackfog Cyber protection.
Most hackers are moving your data to the Dark Web. They are then reselling private information to vendors all over the world. Many are being held to ransom financially. Close the Gap with Blackfog Cyber Security provided by Acumen Technologies.
Standard Anti Virus Systems do NOT close the gap that has been opened in reverse firewall extrusion of data to the dark web.
Blackfog closes this gap and stops the movement of any data to the dark web.
Acumen Technologies will assist you in setting up a solid Data protection policy to fit your business needs.
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