Dell LTO 6 Data Tapes


Dell LTO 6 (Linear Tape-Open 6) data tapes are part of the LTO Ultrium family, designed for reliable data backup and archival purposes. Let’s dive into the details:

Key Specifications

  1. Capacity:
    • Native Capacity: Up to 2.5TB per tape
    • Compressed Capacity: Up to 6.25TB per tape
  2. Transfer Rate:
    • Native Transfer Rate: Up to 160MB/sec
    • Compressed Transfer Rate: Up to 400MB/sec
  3. Tape Length:
    • Approximately 846 meters
  4. Tracks:
    • 2176 tracks per tape
  5. Durability:
    • Lifetime durability of 1,000,000 passes


  • Fast Backup and Restore: With a high transfer rate, these tapes enable efficient data backup and recovery.
  • Cost-Effective: LTO tape drives offer a low total cost of ownership.
  • Long-Term Archival: Ideal for long-term data retention and compliance requirements.

Use Cases

  1. Enterprise Backups: Organizations use LTO 6 tapes for regular backups, ensuring data protection.
  2. Archiving: LTO 6 tapes provide a reliable solution for archiving critical data.
  3. Media and Entertainment: Film studios and broadcasters use LTO tapes for storing large video files.


Dell  data tapes combine capacity, speed, and durability, making them a valuable choice for data storage and protection. Unlock the power of data with Dell LTO tapes! ????

For more information, you can visit the Dell Power Vault LTO Tape Drives page.1 If you need further assistance, feel free to ask!

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