Acumen Technologies’ Digital Business Card is a real-time portable technology that lets you connect your personal identity for business, with anyone and anywhere, from a single platform. For only R600 per year, you receive a range of benefits that will help you put your brand, and your personal identity, out there with ease!

Traditional business cards are quickly becoming cumbersome – the high costs of printing (and let’s not forget saving the trees!) combined with the hassle of having to keep a tangible card with you in an age where every bit of information can be stored digitally, are making business cards obsolete. On the other hand, with a digital business card, not only are you embracing the world of digital technology, you are making it easier for your potential clients, as well as acquaintances, to access your information and corporate brand.

In place of spending thousands of Rands  a year on printing business cards, simply subscribe for a mere R600 a year for your very own digital business card: they are more easily accessible, have a wider reach, cost much less, and much, much more!

More Benefits of A Digital Business Card

  • Access your identity 24/7/365
  • Update information in real-time
  • Receive valuable reporting and analytics
  • Market yourself and your business effectively from one platform
  • QR code for easy accessibility
  • No need to print another business card!

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