Encryption is extremely critical because it allows you to securely protect your valuable data that you don’t want anyone accessing. In undertaking multiple file encryption software reviews, Acumen Technologies has chosen to partner with Axcrypt.


What is the value of encryption?

The conversion of data into a locked and secret code. Encryption is the best possible  way to harness data security. To open and read an encrypted file, you have to be able to have access to a secret key or password that allows you to open and decipher it. Unencrypted data is called plain text ; encrypted data is referred to as cipher text.

Why is encryption utilised by people and companies?

Encryption in a nutshell involves any process that is used to make sure  sensitive data is made more secure so that the chances of unauthorised access is achieved.

You will learn that there are many different sources of encryption incorporated  to lock private and valuable electronic data, including emails, files, folders and entire drives.

Why you should encrypt your data?

Here’s a critical  reason to Encrypt Your valuable and private information. To protect it during a  breach of security. In other words when hackers have accessed your laptop, PC ,device, or network

When checking many file encryption software reviews, Acumen Technologies has found Axcrypt to be the best

We have found the following reasons to buy it.


Axcrypt is extremely simple to use. Axcrypt takes care of the editing of encrypted files. Axcrypt offers safe sharing using public key cryptography.

Axcrypt offers Secure file deletion. It also generates passwords that are not difficult to remember.

Axcrypy also offers safe and secure online password storage.


Axcrypt can we risky if you don’t implement local security of your PC,which is not difficult to do.


AxCrypt Premium makes encryption easy for any user, and also allows public key cryptography for the  secure sharing of encrypted files

Beginning with AxCrypt

As with most encryption tools I’ve tested, AxCrypt installs quickly. On first launch once its installed, you will have to login in with your email and then type in a confirmation code which would be sent  to your email address. Then you will need to think of a single master password. Just Like the master password for your password manager, it requires that you think of something that will be solid and not difficult to remember. AxCrypt actually investigates and  rates the password as you type. It assists you as well in making sure that password is the best possible option to keep you secure

Advanced Encryption Package allows you to decide  from 17 unique and variable encryption algorithms.

After that, AxCrypt is almost unseen. If you drag a file onto its window, that particular file gets encrypted. Then you are able to encrypt, decrypt, and securely remove files from AxCrypt’s  menu

That’s not all though! With most other file-encryption applications, opening an encrypted file fires up a decryption process. If you are wanting to edit that file, you would have to decrypt, change, and then encrypt it again. With AxCrypt, when you start up an encrypted or secure file it will be opened in the correct application. After that once you have saved it, your file is encrypted or locked down automatically. You can even click on an icon that looks like a broom and seep up any temp files that were possibly left behind.

So is this really safe then?
What would happen if a person approached my PC prior to the passphrase timing out? They would then be able to unlock my files, and rob me of them. On checking AxCrypt’s FAQ, they have made it clear that your local PC security needs to still be in place and that there is not an encryption solution anywhere that would solve that. You still have the responsibility of making sure your local PC is not accessible to unauthorized people around you. So the key is to be aware that you should not leave your PC unsecured when you aren’t sitting in front of it

You should really keep your PC safe by protecting your Windows login with a strong password. I see Windows 10 allows you to use Windows Hello biometric authentication as long as you have a Webcam

AxCrypt kindly offers advice and valuable tips on various other ways you can safeguard your local security. It also highlights that is retains the applications passphrase in stored memory, so you as the user wont be irritated by typing it continuously. That in itself will surely move you to utilise strong passphrases, which is critical in these times.

Password Management tool
AxCrypt includes a password management tool, which allows you to add a description and password safely and simply. You can then run a search for your passwords which have been stored.

In summary if you are Cyber Security aware and value your private information, files, emails and data and you want to encrypt them then Axcrypt is your best bet. It is sold in South Africa on a per licence basis by Acumen Technologies so you are welcome to fill out the contact form below for pricing.

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