IBM 3592 Cleaning Cartridge


IBM 3592 Cleaning Cartridge 18P7535 – 1/2 in. Tape

All IBM media products reflect the high standards of a leader in media and storage-drive technology. To help prevent errors caused by debris, it is important to clean the tape path of the 3592 tape drives and to manually clean the outside of its data cartridges, when needed.

The cleaning of the tape path in the 3592 drive is initiated when more than 5,000 mounts have occurred, or when more than 20 full file passes of data have been processed, or when the drive detects a degraded head or channel condition. Failure to clean a 3592 drive may result in buildup of debris on the read/write head and drive malfunction.

If you load an expired cleaning cartridge, the drive will eject the cartridge and post a status message to indicate that cleaning was not performed.

Features and Benefits

  • This cleaning cartridge may be used in all 3592 tape drives.
  • This cleaning cartridge is good for 50 cleanings.
  • While the cleaning is in process, the 8-character message display on the drive shows the message, CLEAN*
  • The IBM 3592 cleaning cartridge contains cartridge memory (CM) keeps track of the number of times it has been used. Cleaning cartridges need to be replaced after 50 uses.

Manufacturer     IBM

Part Number      18P7535

Format              3592 Cleaning Cartridge Tape

Uses                 Good for 50 Cleanings

Remarks           Works in all IBM 3592 Tape Drives

Warranty           Limited Lifetime Warranty from IBM

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