The IBM 3592 is a group of tape drives and corresponding magnetic tape data storage media formats manufactured by IBM. The ibm 3592 tape cartridge is available from Acumen Technologies, South Africa. The initial drive, which highlighted the IBM product number 3592, was launched under the nickname Jaguar. The drive after this  was known as the TS1120, which also had the nickname Jaguar. As of November 2018, the current drive is the TS1160 Gen 6. The 3592 series of tape drives and media is not compatible with the IBM 3590 series of drives, which it superceded. This series can store up to 15 TB of data (uncompressed) on a single tape and has a native data transfer rate of up to 360 MB/s.
Like the 3590 and 3480 prior to it, this tape format has half inch tape spooled onto 4-by-5-by-1 inch data cartridges containing a single reel. A take-up reel is embedded inside the tape drive. Because of their performance, stability, durability and low media cost, the 3592 tape drives are still very sought after. A hallmark of the genre is interchangeability. Tapes recorded with one tape drive are generally readable on another drive, even if the tape drives were made by different manufacturers.
Since TS1120 all drives include built-in encryption processing, with platform software (for example, z/OS Security Server) managing encryption keys. Prior drives require server-based software to encrypt and decrypt tapes.
IBM 3592 JA Tape Cartridge (18P7534) Data Cartridge
Features and Benefits

  • Native capacity up to 300GB in 3592 J1A Tape Drive Model EO2
  • Native capacity up to 500GB in 3592 TS1120 Tape Drive Model EO5
  • Native capacity up to 640GB in 3592 TS1130 Tape Drive Model EO6
  • Includes memory feature to track cartridge usage, helping to enhance media reliability
  • Compatible with automation in the IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Tape Library 3494 or in the StorageTek 9310 Powderhorn Tape Library
  • New Tape with IBM Limited Lifetime Warrancy

The IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Tape Drive 3592 is designed to provide fast time to data and excellent levels of storage capacity. To support that high-capacity capability, the tape drive uses the IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Tape Cartridge 3592. ibm 3592 tape cartridge prices can be obtained by filling in the contact form below

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