Interactive whiteboard solutions have never been this advanced yet simple to use.
eBeam Edge™ is the smallest and most intuitive interactive whiteboard solution available.
Permanently mounted interactive whiteboards
are expensive, require educators to work
within a predefined space and don’t allow for
the use of dry erase markers.
eBeam Edge responds to educators’
teaching needs by creating a flexible and
powerful learning environment for students.
The system fits in a laptop case, supports
dry erase capture and works on any flat
surface with or without a projector.
With an embedded magnetic mounting
system, eBeam Edge easily moves from
classroom to classroom. Its one-touch
calibration button gets educators up and
running in seconds.
eBeam Edge includes curriculum
resources including digital templates and
manipulatives. These resources provide
multiple ways for educators to prepare and
present lessons that can be accessed,
manipulated, recorded and shared .
Create a learning environment anywhere
using eBeam Edge and embrace the future
of education.

HighlightsLuidia Inc. is the creator of eBeam® interactive technology that helps the world capture and share content.

The company’s products are utilized by organizations of all sizes, with hundreds of thousands of users

across multiple industries and geographies. Luidia also partners with industry leaders, such as Chief, HP,

NEC and Sony, that apply eBeam® technology in their latest products. For more information on Luidia,

Technical Specifications


• XP, Vista, Windows 7

• Pentium IV Processor, 1.4GHz,


• 250 MB of available disk space


• CD/DVD ROM drive or Internet


• available USB 2.0 port


• OS 10.5 or higher

• Intel, 400MHz


• 250 MB of available disk space


• CD/DVD ROM drive or Internet


• available USB 2.0 port

Package Contents

• 1 Edge Receiver

• 1 interactive stylus

• 1 wrist strap

• 1 package of spare stylus tips

• 1 AAA battery

• 2 mounting plates

• 1 USB cable

• eBeam Education software

Edge Receiver

• weight: 2.6 oz (76 g)

• dimensions: 8 x 1.65 in

(20 x 4 cm)

• minimum active work area:

17 x 11 in (43 x 28 cm)

• maximum active work area:

108 x 60 in (275 x 152 cm)

• tracking technology: ultrasound

and infrared

• positional accuracy: +/- 1.5 mm

• connectivity: USB or Bluetooth*


• weight: .8 oz (23 g)

• power: 1 AAA battery

• battery life: 40 hours

– approximately 1 year of

standard use


• 3 year limited, extendable to

7 years total**

* Bluetooth optional

**based on terms and conditions

Why eBeam Edge? User Benefits Organizational Benefits

• Utilize existing surfaces

instead of purchasing

expensive, fixed equipment

• Work with any projector –

including high-definition

• Carry from room to room –

installs in seconds

• Project lessons, capture

content, edit and distribute

• Bring lessons to life with

interactive tools and media

• Motivate students by bringing

them to the board to use a

fun learning tool

• Deepen understanding of

subjects by utilizing content


• Connect with students of all

learning styles

• Scale whiteboard space

from small to large without

paying more

• Create an archive of lessons

for reuse and reinforcement

of concepts

• Use existing software

and files alongside

eBeam software

• Capture dry-erase notes

as well as projected media

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