The iphone xs max review shows the Apple has  finally released an iPhone with a large screen.
For those of you who love movies and play games online the iPhone XS Max is an exciting model in Apples iPhone range. The price will scare most people off but those of you who are Iphone junkies and have a specific desire for a flagship phone with killer specifications , this one is for you.
There’s no other smartphone available  that costs more than the 512GB iPhone XS Max. So it is in a league all of its own when it comes to price. There will always be buyers who are in a league of their own so if you are one of them you will be pleased to know that  you do get a lot of phone for the money.


If a whopping R30 999 Inc Vat does not scare you off because you have done your research and know that this is an Elite flagship phone you are more than welcome to purchase from Acumen Technologies.


The only  difference between the iPhone XS Max over the the smaller iPhone XS is the screen size.
This has been extended  to 6.5 inches compared to the 5.8 inches of the ‘normal’ XS.

Dont be fooled though, that larger screen size makes a real difference. If you put the two phones next to each other you immediately notice and feel like the XS Max model offers much more space to play with when gaming or watching movies.


Apple has upgraded the built in speakers on the iPhone XS Max so that they project the sound to each ear. The quality of the sound is very impressive.


Apple have used what is called the A12 Bionic chip.

  • The A12 Bionic chip is said to be  40% more efficient and 50% more powerful
  • These performance enhancements offer navigation that is more flowing and faster application load speeds.

The above performance factors equate to a clean What this means is that navigating iOS 12 on the iPhone XS Max is a clean and fast user experience.

Battery life

Battery life has long been a sore point for iPhones. The iPhone XS Max review highlights the A12 Bionic chip mentioned above assists with a much better battery life.


The Iphone XS max has a niche , elite market who are not price averse.
Its screen size, power, performance and battery life are flagship enhancements to the iPhone range.
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