XG Firewall Enables Your SD-WAN Goals

SD-WAN offers a whole host of benefits for distributed organizations, but the main pull is that it is a much lower cost solution than MPLS (the traditional solution). As such, XG Firewall now comes with integrated SD-WAN.

Replace expensive MPLS connections with lower-cost SD-WAN. XG Firewall integrates the features you need to enable your SD-WAN connectivity, quality, security, and continuity goals.

Connect for Less

XG Firewall lets you take advantage of less-expensive internet connectivity options such as DSL, cable, and 3G/4G/LTE.

Optimize Application Performance

Unlike MPLS which introduces latency by backhauling traffic from remote sites, Sophos SD-WAN connects directly to the internet for faster access to cloud applications.

Stay Protected

XG Firewall delivers industry-proven security against malware, ransomware, intrusions, and other threats across your entire network.

Business Continuity

Utilize redundant connections to the same, or different, ISPs to handle routing, failover, and session preservation in the event of an outage.

Connect It All With Sophos XG Firewall and SD-RED

Sophos XG Firewall and SD-RED devices are used around the world across a variety of industries to connect remote offices, devices, and vehicles securely and robustly.




Sophos SD-WAN vs MPLS: Connect securely, for less

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