A tablet of note , Microsoft Surface Pro

Are you looking for a high end Microsoft Surface Pro tablet?

Packed with i7 processor, 16GB of Ram and a 512GB SSD Drive, the Microsoft Surface Pro TH4-00003  is a performer of note.

TH4-00003           Microsoft            Microsoft Surface Pro 4 i7/16GB/512GB/W10P

Surface Pro 4, 12.3”, 2736 x 1824, PixelSense, Intel Core i7 6xxx, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, Iris Graphics, 5/8MP, 802.11a/b/g/n/ac,

Bluetooth 4.0, USB 3.0, Mini DisplayPort, MicroSD, Surface Pen, Windows 10 Pro

Priced at R29916.00 EX VAT


R9Q-00010          Microsoft            Surface Pro 4 Type Cover Black

Priced at R3430 Ex Vat

The Surface Pro 4 fits a larger screen with a higher resolution into a slightly slimmer body than last year’s model.

The pen and keyboard cover are also improved, and this is one of the first mobile systems shipping with Intel’s latest processors

A host of small refinements cements the Surface Pro 4’s position as the best-in-class Windows tablet

Design and features


The Surface tablet line set out its basic design rules with the very first generation of products and has largely stuck to its guns since. What we’ve seen, instead of wholesale reimagining, is a steady march of improvements to the display and chassis, helping the product feel just a bit more premium with every generation.

The earliest Surface Pro models were 13mm thick, while last year’s Surface Pro 3 shaved that down to 9.1mm. This year, we’re down to 8.4mm, despite increasing the size of the screen. Both the Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro 4 are 1.7 pounds (771 grams) by themselves, or 2.5 pounds (1.13 kg) with their keyboard cover and stylus pens attached.

One of the biggest improvements to last year’s Surface Pro carries over here: the highly adjustable kickstand, which can be adjusted to nearly any angle between 22 and 150 degrees. The kickstand, which runs the entire width of the system, is stiff enough that it will stay where you put it, and hardly moves at all, even when using your fingers or the pen on the touchscreen.

Missing from the black bezel surrounding the screen this time around is the capacitive Windows logo touch button. In previous Surface models, this moved around from the long edge to the short edge of the system, but always served the same purpose: to take you back to the Windows 8 tile interface. As we’re now operating in the Windows 10 world, having a physical home button isn’t necessary, although the Windows 10 “tablet mode” is still very similar to what Window 8 looked like.

The pen, almost perfected

Also missing is the awkward plastic loop that used to tether the included stylus (Microsoft calls it a pen) to the keyboard cover. The new pen accessory is a little larger than the previous model, and has a flat edge along one side. This allows it to securely connect to the left or right edge of the tablet via a fairly strong magnetic connection. While it may seem dodgy if you plan on running around all day with your tablet, inserting and removing it from a backpack or shoulder bag, I found that the pen remained securely attached, even in my bag — although I’d recommend doing frequent spot-checks to make sure it hasn’t popped off.

Clicking the eraser-like button on the back of the pen automatically brings up OneNote, Microsoft’s preferred app for pen input. If you have all your Microsoft cloud services properly setup, your OneNote files can sync to other devices such as your phone or tablet (with cross-platform support on Android and iOS devices) or laptop (Windows or Mac).

I also used the pen with a variety of other apps, including the built-in Fresh Paint, for drawing and sketching, and the New York Times crossword puzzle app, which took pen input and converted it to printed characters. You can also tap the pen on most text fields, even in a Web browser, and a pop-up box will take handwritten input and convert it to text for Web searches, filling in forms or composing email.

Comic book artist Dan Parent works on the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book.

Microsoft says the new pen offers reduced latency, and 1,024 pressure levels. It’s excellent overall, and an improvement over last year’s version. Aftermarket swappable tips for the pen should appeal to artists looking for a specific feel and size.

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