Privacy – It’s All About the Data and Data privacy

BlackFog was founded as a solution to the global problem of Data Privacy and Identity
Theft Protection. Before the advent of rich mobile devices in 2007 with the first iPhone,
the concept of losing your computer was considered a major problem for individuals and
corporations. Many solutions were developed to try and prevent the theft of these
devices with limited success.
As we have moved to a mobile device based economy with focus around data creation,
storage, cloud servers and information sharing the idea of losing your device has
become secondary to the information that is stored on it.
Corporations and individuals are more concerned with losing their data first and
foremost. When you can lock your phone and get a replacement with in minutes or
hours, the device itself becomes secondary.
BlackFog was conceived to fill the gap that exists in the market between the current
security solutions that focus on preventing access through intrusion detection systems,
such as Firewalls (pre-infection) and Anti-Virus/ Anti-Malware solutions (post-infection)
that remove known infections after they have been discovered.
As a part of a layered approach to security BlackFog sits between these two types of
solutions and prevents data loss and identity theft by preventing outbound data
connections when it discovers anomalies in the behavior of applications or remote
servers. By sitting just above the networking hardware itself at layer 3 of the networking
stack it is able to see the traffic before it passes the information onto the operating
system. Therefore it is possible to prevent any damage before it occurs

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