46X7452 IBM 3592 (JC) Enterprise Tape Cartridges.

Original price was: R3,300.00.Current price is: R2,900.00.


46X7452 IBM 3592  Enterprise Tape Cartridge – Enterprise Advanced Data

The IBM 3592 Tape is an Enterprise Advanced Data Cartridge (EADC) and was developed to help enterprise data centers address data protection, data retention and security challenges.

Features and Benefits

  • IBM 3592 Advanced Data Tape JC
  • Capacity with IBM TS1140 Drive – 4TB Native / up to 12 TB Compressed (3:1)
  • Capacity with IBM TS1150 Drive – 7TB Native / up to 21 TB Compressed (3:1)
  • Archival Life up to 30 Years

These tapes are also available Labeled and Initialized (46X7452LI) or just Labeled (46X7452L)

This media type is only supported for use with TS1140 Tape Drives and TS1150 Tape Drives.

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