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Rugged Devices for Rugged Situations.


There’s no doubt that we think Getac rugged computers are hands down the best. But, we’re biased. Getac has over 250 full-time engineers dedicated to finding solutions to real life problems. From sunlight readability, thermal heat dissipation, power management and mechanical design to unique technologies like night vision and salt fog protection, Getac has you covered.

Thin and Light Design.

Designed with rugged in mind, our Thin & Light notebook and tablets are a true revolution in rugged computing. Models such as the F110 fully rugged tablet and V110 fully rugged convertible are some of the thinnest units we’ve ever produced running Windows OS. The V110 fully rugged convertible

breaks new ground weighing in at only 68oz and 34mm thin, it’s 28% lighter and 30% thinner than the previous generation.

Built to Survive

Only Getac manufactures rugged computers down to the chassis itself. Built from high quality magnesium alloy, our fully rugged computers feature four main casings specifically engineered to protect them against drops, shocks, spills, vibration and more. Their sealed design protects against dust and moisture. And, we use independent test labs to certify to MIL-STD-810G, IP65 and MIL-STD-461F standards.

Better Heat Dissipation.

  • Most rugged computers throttle down the CPU to control heat overload – sometimes dropping to as little as 36%. Our thermal engineers have devised unique ways to dissipate the heat from the placement of the CPU on the motherboard to liquid filled copper pipes allowing the processor to stay cooler and perform near full power.

Magnesium Alloy Chassis.

  • Only Getac designs and manufactures its rugged notebooks down to the chassis. All of our fully rugged notebooks use four independent chassis structures – each made out of magnesium alloy. Our expertise in magnesium alloy manufacturing allows us to build a rugged notebook that can withstand drops, bumps, and other impacts.

Rugged Certifications.

  • We use an internationally recognized, independent research, engineering and evaluation laboratory to certify that our products meet or exceed the MIL-STD-810G, MIL-STD-461F and IP ratings.


  • Getac rugged computers are continuously put through a battery of torture tests in Getac’s R&D labs every day. We test products in ways they should never be used. We intentionally break them to find out their limitations so our engineers can make future products even better.

Extreme Environments.

  • Being able to work in any environment is critical, even freezing cold environments. Products like our B300 fully rugged notebook comes standard with a low-temperature feature allowing it to operate in temperatures as cold as -29ºC / -20ºF. By insulating the storage drive inside a heating blanket, we are able to boot the computer without risk to the drive or its data.

Rugged by Design.

  • Our computers go where most people don’t want to go. They go to the front line. Our products are being used in the most challenging conditions around the world. We don’t simply make an ordinary computer rugged, we engineer Getac computers from the ground up to be rugged inside and out.

Dual Battery for Limitless Power.

One of the best features can be one of the simplest. Instead of one single removable battery, our new F110 rugged tablet and V110 rugged convertible have two hot-swappable for potentially infinite, uninterrupted battery life. This enables you to remove one of the two rechargeable batteries and replace it with a fresh battery without ever shutting down apps or your Windows OS.

Next Generation Processors.

With state-of-the-art Intel® Core i5 and i7 processors, the latest B300 performs up to 27% faster than the previous generation.1
The dual-core processor is ideally suited to handle the multi-tasking necessary in today’s complex work environments. From intricate mapping to advanced video and license plate recognition, the B300 has the power needed for the most demanding tasks. Combined with advanced technologies like Turbo Boost and HyperThreading, we make sure every rugged computer we make is ready to handle whatever task you’re throwing at it.

LumiBond®: Better, Brighter, Stronger.

Our revolutionary LumiBond technology achieves a display that is more readable and offers better contrast and more crisp colors than any other rugged tablet display. By bonding the display glass with the touch panel and LCD, we’ve created a single pane that is both more durable and improves readability. LumiBond can be found on the new T800 rugged tablet, F110 rugged tablet and V110 rugged convertible.

Sunlight-Readable Display.

Getac’s QuadraClear® solution combines proprietary technologies for both screen brightness and anti-reflectivity to reduce the sunlight’s reflectivity and provide more than six times better effective contrast rate than other displays, while still maintaining the battery life you need in the field. QuadraClear® provides an energy efficient LED display that is mercury-free, durable and consistent in brightness over time. With an output rating up to 1400 NITs of brightness, it’s no wonder Getac’s QuadraClear® display has been called an “amazing feature”.

Ultrafast Connectivity.

With both 3G and WiFi access available, you can be connected 24/7 wherever you are, allowing you to improve productivity. Designed for next generation wireless technology, you can connect wirelessly for mission critical information at amazing speeds.

Tablets of The Trade.

With a growing family of rugged tablets, we have something to meet every need, including an Android powered seven inch screen and eight and eleven inch screen powered by Windows OS. All of our tablets utilize our revolutionary LumiBond technology to achieve a display that is more readable, and offers better contrast and color than other rugged tablet displays. We’ve designed our tablets from the inside out to survive drops, shocks, spills, vibration and more, thus making sure that they are tested and certified to MIL-STD & IP rating testing criteria.




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