SMS marketing is really effective

Since text messaging first became available in 1996, it has become a mass market communication platform and a cultural phenomenon of the 21st Century.SMS marketing is really effective

The use of SMS will continue to grow as companies turn the service into a critical business function.

Text messaging’s ability to immediately reach a customer anywhere and its low cost offer the ability to reach customers (external and internal) with a personally targeted message delivered “into their pocket in real time”.

Used properly SMS marketing is really effective at Customer Relationship Management as it goes a long way to giving information, knowledge and empowerment to customers and the understanding that “my supplier is really looking out for me”.

For example: an insurer or broker sending details of local emergency numbers such as hospitals and consulates.

It’s not all about ring tones and logos. There are many different uses for SMS including notification, emergency advisories, scheduling, news and information and staff collaboration.

SMS can generate very high levels of response, but a campaign must leverage the medium’s strengths and minimize its weaknesses.

The key element of a successful campaign is value and / or entertainment. To market to someone effectively you must provide them value or entertainment in each SMS message.

It is also important that your campaign targets recipients who have expressly given their consent to receive messages from you and you must also provide them with a simple method of opting out from further messaging.

Fortunately, with WinSMS, you don’t have to worry about taking action when someone wants to opt out of your list, because the WinSMS gateway will automatically block recipients from receiving further SMS messages from you, if they respond with “stop” or “opt out” to any of your messages.

Additionally, in the WinSMS client zone, you can view and download a list of contacts who have opted out so you can either remove them from your contact list or give them a call if you deem it necessary.

Now successful SMS marketing is all about:

– Saying the right thing.

– To the right person.

– At the right time.

The greatest strength of SMS is its immediacy.

Here are some examples of how companies have successfully used SMS:


Voting is an exciting way to engage your audience and let them have their say. Big Brother 3 created 3 million votes.

Instant Win

Instant win prizes where customers can find out if they have won a prize straight away really work.

Timed Vouchers

Timed vouchers can drive people into your store, bar, club, theatre, cinema, petrol station etc. and if you want user interaction then using a viral campaign where vouchers can be sent onto friends and family increases response. The SMS advises time the voucher becomes invalid.

With WinSMS it is easy to schedule messages for later delivery, so you don’t have to be at your PC or laptop when the messages go out. For example, you could spend a few minutes scheduling all your messages for the coming week and then let the WinSMS gateway deliver these messages when the time is right.

Customer Service

Daily recipe ideas, special promotion alerts, diet tips, cocktail recipe ideas, music reviews, release dates, Top 10 charts, in store promotion alerts and whatever you can think of – you are only limited by your imagination!

I you need any help or advice on how to use SMS marketing in your business then please don’t hesitate to reply to this email and the WinSMS team will be happy to assist.

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