Solar and Invertor power is becoming key to living in Africa.

Using battery power to get you through the constant power failures being experienced is critical to life in Africa.

Solar systems are fast becoming the solution for many home and business owners, who require renewable and storeable energy solutuons, when power providers fail them.

“Off THE  Grid” Solar Panel  PV Systems

When you are looking at solar panels to provide electricity for your home or business there are several systems that you can choose from.

These systems all deliver the electrical power you will need and are custom designed to your requirements.

Electrical Downtime costs money and is extremely frustrating for any home owner or business.

Allow us to customise an expandable solution that will move you away from having to rely on power providers.

Our solutions range from entry level Invertors that have batteries that store power  in the event of a 4 hour failure, all the way to full solar systems, comprised of solar panels, batteries and chargers which provide you with electricity when the sun is down.

If you are looking for power invertor battery systems or solar installations to suit your budget , speak to our team for a site survey

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