StorageTek T10000 Data Cartridge

Designed For Space Saving, Ultra-High Capacity Tape

Oracle’s StorageTek T10000 data cartridges work with the StorageTek T10000 tape drives to address issues related to data growth, security, manageability, and cost.  It’s the perfect solution for mission-critical, high-volume backup, archiving, and disaster recovery needs!

This T10000 data cartridge works on several StorageTek systems.  The goal is to provide cartridge compatibility across several systems.

Also available as 003-0519-02-L (Labeled) and 003-0519-02-LI (Labeled and Initialized)

System T10000 Data CartridgeCapacity   Data Rate

T10000A               500GB Native / 1TB Compressed               120 MB/s

T10000B               1TB Native / 2TB Compressed    120 MB/s

Key Applications

Long-life archives

High volume backup

Disaster recovery/business continuity


StorageTek T10000 tape cartridge:

Designed for StorageTek T10000A and B tape drives

Capacity, native (uncompressed): 500GB for T10000 Drive / 1 TB for T10000B Drive

New Part Number  003-0519-02 – formerly 003-0519-01

Manufacturer                                                    Oracle (formerly Sun/StorageTek)

Format                                                                 T10000 (T10K)

Formulation                                                       T10000: Advanced metal particle

Tape length and thickness                           T10000: 3008.5 ft. (917 m) and 6.5 µm

Substrate                                                            T10000: Polyethylene naphthalate (PEN)

Track-following servo                                     Factory prerecorded

Capacity, native (uncompressed)             500 GB (StorageTek T10000)

1 TB (StorageTek T10000B)

Archival life                                                         30 years

Uncorrected bit error rate                           1×10-19

Loads/unloads                                                  15,000 (T10000)

Supported tape drives                                   StorageTek T10000A,

StorageTek T10000B

StorageTek T10000C (read only)

Number of tracks                                             768 (T10000A), 1152 (T10000B)

Form factor                                                        Half-inch, 3480/3490E

Size                                                                        1.0 in. (2.54 cm) x 4.92 in. (12.50 cm) x 4.29 in. (10.90 cm)

Weight                                                                 9.31 oz. (263.9 g)

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