The Best Asus Flip Laptop

The best Asus Flip laptop money can buy.

ASUS ExpertBook B7 Flip is an enterprise-level, 5G-enabled premium laptop that’s designed to accelerate your business1. Working on the go is easier than ever with a lightning-fast data connection and your own personal secure network. The 360°-flippable design removes any limitations on how you work, and you can enjoy an immersive work environment for all your business needs thanks to its user-status indicator light, ASUS Private View2, ASUS ExpertWidget3, and enterprise-grade security. The versatile and manageable ExpertBook B7 Flip is ready to power your business to the next level.

ASUS ExpertBook Prem|B7402FEA-I716512B0X|14.0” WQXGA| BLACK|I7-1195G7|RAM 64GB DDR4 (2x 32GB SD)Samsung 970 Evo Plus 1TB NVMe SSD
5G LTE|WIN11 Pro


  1. i7 Processor
  2. 14″ Flip screen
  3. 64GB RAM
  4. 1TB NvMe SSD Drive capacity
  5. 5g LTE
  6. Win 11 Pro

Key Features

  1. Faster speeds, safer connections

  2. Effortless productivity

  3. Optimised cooling

  4. Bigger 16:10 screen for less scrolling

  5. Immersive audio

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