Manage Every Font And Digital Asset On One Flexible Desktop And Cloud-Based Platform
Unite Your Fonts And Digital Assets All In One Place

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Connect Fonts

More Than A Font Manager


Connect Fonts is the desktop and cloud-based font manager for Mac and PC that transforms creative teams of all sizes into collaborative, productive, and inspired revenue-generating powerhouses.

All Fonts, All Together

No more font guessing games or scavenger hunts. Sort, organize, and compare fonts all in one place. Easily share fonts with team members and view fonts on any device in the cloud application.

Font License Tracking

Store, search, view, and control every font license so you know where you’re compliant, where you’re not, what needs to be revised, and how to manage it all.

The Fastest Way To Find Fonts

Save time by both quickly finding fonts with intuitive search and instantly complementing any client, style, or mood with automatic pairing suggestions.

Let’s Create Together


From Saving Time To Sparking Inspiration, Here’s How Connect Fonts Brings Your Ideas To Life

Intuitive Search

We don’t expect you to remember every Sans you’ve ever met. Search by style, mood, era, and more.


Font Pairing Recommendations

Don’t waste your valuable energy hunting down potential font partners, use a little AI to save you time.


Font Licensing For The Future

Connect Fonts solves for the changes to the licensing model that matter most in today’s digital world, so you don’t get left behind.


Hassle-Free Font Sharing

Need to get a font? Need to share a font? Your whole team can access the necessary fonts ASAP, so you’re all on the same page and always have what you need.


Control Access And Secure Data..SSO-Style

Single Sign On—use just one set of login credentials for convenient access and better security.


Nobody’s Locked Out

Easily share libraries across external teams you bring on for joint projects—then remove access when it’s no longer relevant—without a cumbersome import/export process.


Flexible Organization Options

If we’ve learned anything from shelfies, it’s that there’s artistry in organization.


Auto-Updates Optimize Auto-Activation

Auto-activation is crucial in your race against the clock, and real-time updates mean that outdated old software won’t block your other creative tools.


Always In The Lab

Creative teams face new constraints every year. That’s why we design tools that increase access, proliferate choice, and control costs.


Connect Your Fonts In The Cloud

Work better together whether in the same room or half a world apart.


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