Acumen Technologies supplied SDLT backup tapes

HP Q2020A is the durable, compact media for superior value of existing investments in Super DLT tape storage format. This SDLT-II cartridge allows excellent diagnostics for drive and backup media with its “DLTSage” mechanism.

Better Data Management and onsite/offsite Security

Data throughput speed accelerates from 36 to 72 Mbps with compression. The prior drive versions can operate these SDLT-2 tapes only for file-read. On the other hand, use it for backup and file extraction with SDLT600 drives. HP has used a breakthrough S-PET technology to increase the durability and smoothness of Q2020A cartridge’s storage film.

  • 300/600 GB capacity
  • 1000000 Head Passes
  • 30-year archival life


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