Why is Antivirus ineffective? Blackfog steps in  to fill the gap…..

  • Slow to react
  • Too many false positives
  • Constantly interrupting legitimatework
  • Too heavy, consumes high CPU and disk resources
  • Signature techniques ineffective against morphing malware


Todays Threats Are Highly Evolved and include

  • Embedded in Images
  • Steganography
  • Social Engineering
  • Speeding Fines, Fedex etc
  • Fluxing, Metamorphism
  • Constantly changing
  • Uses Dark Web Networks
  • Tor and onion routing
  • Hijacked Servers
  • Bypass reputation filtering

Existing techniques no longer work

  • Witness the massive increase in attacks in 2017
  • Existing solutions require prior knowledge of the attacker.
  • Requires finger printing the attacker (signature)
  • Takes too long. Best case is 4 hours (more likely 12-24h).
  • Malware causes maximum damage within first few hours

You need a Layered Approach

  • BlackFog focuses on Network protection by blocking outbound traffic through…
  • Distribution channels (Ads, Profiling)
  • Anonymous networks (Dark Web)
  • Ransomware networks, Crypto-mining
  • Egress packets to Russia or China etc.
  • Also includes other techniques
  • Block Malware execution
  • Microphone activation alerts
  • Spyware process monitoring


  • Lightweight protection
  • Stops threat vectors before they cause problems
  • Improves performance Detects unknown threats
  • When security has failedand before AV can cleanup.

How does it work?

  • Works at OSI layer 3 with access to every packet.
  • Each packet is geo-located and profiled.
  • Detects where the data is going and blocks in real-time.
  • Rules are constantly updated to prevent new threats.
  • Blocks active data collection and microphone activation



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