Why SMS Marketing Software  Works

If you are still on the fence about the power of SMS Marketing, this Marketing Research article might change your mind… So why does SMS Marketing work?

48 SMS Marketing Statistics You Must See: 2021/2022 Market Share Analysis & Data by James Anthony:


As 95% of people own mobile phones that do not need an Internet connection, businesses are bound to make the most of these technologies.

SMS marketing statistics show SMS is indeed increasingly becoming a core feature of mobile marketing software.

In this SMS marketing research article, we’ll look into SMS marketing market size, the effectiveness of SMS with consumers, how businesses use SMS, how the COVID-19 pandemic affected SMS marketing strategies, and what the future holds for text marketing.

After you’re done with this reading, you just might consider boosting your other channels with SMS marketing. One thing is for sure; you’ll see SMS in a whole new light.

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The Benefits

The benefits of SMS marketing for businesses are many:

  1. high deliverability
  2. increased customer engagement
  3. more revenue, just to name a few. SMS is one of the most convenient channels for communicating with your customers, and one of the most preferred mediums by customers themselves.

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